Thursday, June 16, 2011

Next Update

After the next update, I will hopefully have 2 ppl to do scenarios for this campaign setting, the foreword by Ken St. Andre, and 1-3 artists to do the images.  I have a deadline of next spring set up for the final version to come out, because this gives me enough time to playtest and correct the problems of the campaign setting.  It, also, allows me enough time to get an edittor for it as well and for them to do their thing as well.  Like I have said before this is being produced by Adamant Drakon Freelance Productions and published by Peryton Press.  I am going to look at selling it in pdf format at about $5.00 or 25 cents per page( Which at the moment is $6.50), but will not be higher than $15 due to the original pdf cost of the Tunnels & Trolls Rule Book.

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