Thursday, June 30, 2011

Final Edits for June

I am working on the last editting details for last month.  I will do the write-up for the current work on the Root of Death scenario that will be scene within the campaign setting for Tunnels & Trolls.

I am, also, working on my Halloween scenario for Elder Tunnels.  I am doing my edits for the Quantum RPG.

Here is my next purchase with whatever money that I can get for my work.  This is for a graphic tablet that will wrong me anywhere from $20 to $50.  This will be an excellent purchase for me and my ability to do better artwork.  At this moment, I am still drawing by hand with very little quality in my opinion and would like to start to do some art and designs of digital quality.

I need to get back up with Ken St. Andre about doing the foreword for this project.  I will do very few more posts about this work until I find something to post about.  If you want to see anything discussed, please, let me know with a comment on here or on the Adamant Drakon Freelance Productions' website.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Playtest Time

I believe that this is ready for some playtesting.  Please, feel free to contact me to do so.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Next Update

After the next update, I will hopefully have 2 ppl to do scenarios for this campaign setting, the foreword by Ken St. Andre, and 1-3 artists to do the images.  I have a deadline of next spring set up for the final version to come out, because this gives me enough time to playtest and correct the problems of the campaign setting.  It, also, allows me enough time to get an edittor for it as well and for them to do their thing as well.  Like I have said before this is being produced by Adamant Drakon Freelance Productions and published by Peryton Press.  I am going to look at selling it in pdf format at about $5.00 or 25 cents per page( Which at the moment is $6.50), but will not be higher than $15 due to the original pdf cost of the Tunnels & Trolls Rule Book.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vinada Plant( Roots of Death)

Here is some great news!  Ken St. Andre has been contacted about doing the foreword for this project.  He has accepted to do so and will, hopefully, have it done before the next editted update is done.  I have, also, been asked to do an advertisement for this campaign setting to be within the next edition of the Elder Tunnels publication by Peryton Press.  You will, also, find my 1st scenario that is called "the Cold Honor of Malakar" within it.  After I am done with section, I am going to seek out some artists and an editor to go over what has been done and that it all makes sense.

The Vinada Plant is the source of what is occuring within the Roots of Death scenario.  This means that it needs to be properly laid out with all of the known information, but this is a portion of the Tunnels & Trolls RPG that I do have problems with.  So, I will do this over many postings with the help of this link.

Name: Vinada Plant, the
Monster Rating: 50( 6 Dice + 20 Combat Adds)
Description: See Previous Post(s) about this.  Will be rewritten in the next edit of this project.

Special Damage:

Root Grab( Spite 1)- When a single 6 is rolled, this plant creature is able to wrap a root around an individual. The number of victims increases with the number of 6s rolled- up to 3.
Pollen Cloud( Spite 2)- With a double 6 rolled, it is able to spurt out a cloud of dust within a 5 foot radius.
Summon Controlled( Spite 2)- With 2 6s, it is able to summon 2D6 Controlled Living Creatures or Zombies to aid it in the fight.
Regain Command( Spite 3)- as 3 6s are rolled, it is able to regain command of any creatures that have been slain.
Psychic Stun( Spite 3)- When it dies, it has a chance to stun everyone around it with 3 6s rolled.

Special Ability:

Root Control- Able to control the dead with its roots.
Living Control- Able to control living creatures with its fruit.
Psychic Command- Has the ability to give commands to those living creatures that it controls.
Vinada Communication- Able to be in communication with others of its kind.  Distance does not matter.

In the next post, I will be using the Tunnels & Trolls RPG rule book to detail this plant creature in a more reasonable detail.  Like I said this adventure is for higher level characters to run through and not for the lower levels, except for when you have a larger group.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Web Site

<a href="" target="_blank">Get a Free Website at!</a>

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SBA Contest( Second Posting)

I have decided to run my first contest based on the Stylish Blogger Awards.  I would like to have 20 of these awards by the end of May 2011.  However, I do not want you to just give me these for the reward that I am offering.  You must feel that I do deserve this award, because it will mean very little if you did not think that I deserved.  And there MUST NOT be any DUPLICATE entries for any of these that occur do not count toward the total 20 that I am asking for.

The 1st( Trollish Delver), 2nd( Slloyd), and 20th( To Be Announced) people that gave me these awards will recieve the prize- which is the same for all 3 of you.  The prize is a 1 page description of a single Tunnels & Trolls Player Character that is open for whatever purpose that you deem necessary.  This player character can be from the 7.5 edition rules or based on the most current details for Liasha's World.  This determination is up to the winners and the prize will be rewarded on the final day of May 2011.

Then, I will have these 3 descriptions placed within the winners' e-mail and onto this blog within 2 weeks of this contest's deadline.  Good luck to everyone and feel free to comment on here about anything!

Note: I will give all 20 participants confirmation on here and will return the favor in kind.

Monday, May 9, 2011

 think that a wizard that can cast cast 14th+ level spells- This should be a final enemy in the current story arc allow pre-existing characters of Tunnels & Trolls RPG games to be transported onto Liasha's World via a dimensional portal( Or whatever the game master decides to do.).- should be within the dark and forgotten depths of the Temple of Krestok( That is located near Tiern.).  His/her foul scheme is to be handled at the GM's discretion and whim, but the spell should be create an opening to a demonic realm...  At least, that is what this magic user desires.  The characters should arrive just as he/she is concluding the spell and( This is my suggestion.) should be able to disrupt the final words of magic that would tell the portal where to open up in.  So, this portal will open up somewhere upon this Tunnels & Trolls world setting and this is at your GM's discretion as well.

Name: Go to ( Realm Name)...
Level: 14+( Decided by the Game Master)
Wizardry Cost: 20+ See Below
Range: 20 feet
Duration: See Below
Power Up?: Yes.  See Below

Description:  This spell acts as the Summoning and Banishment spells.  One of the main differences to this magical working is that the caster is able to decide upon which realm that their rift opens upon.  The second is that the caster or chosen demonic entity( or another individual) may enter or exit into this portal.  Other than being able to control a demon that has been summoned forth from this portal must be bribed to act upon the wishes of the wizard.  However if the wizard( or another individual or a group) passes through the portal, they act as a guest and can seek help from one or more individuals from the chosen realm( Diplomacy must be used.  However, this can open up new possibilities for enhanced adventures.).

The casting cost to use this spell, as a summoning spell, is an amount of Wizardry equal to 50+(20 times the level of the fiendish creature or creatures desired.).  If it is to be used as a gateway onto another realm, the cost of Wizardry is equal to 25+[10 times the distance of the realm from that of the caster's home plane( Decided on by the GM.)].

The duration of this spell is 5 times the caster’s Luck rating for the summoning portion of this spell.  To act as a means of dimensional travel; then, the duration is 10+Luck rating[10 times the distance of the realm from that of the caster's home plane( Decided on by the GM.)].  When this time comes to an end, this portal closes and leaves those that have departed from it within their new realm of existance.  However, if they are a part of the way through, their physical forms are split between both worlds.

The size( The doorway to another plane is a circle.  All calculations for size must be done as such.) for the dimensional portal is equal to the wizard's Level + Intelligence Rating divided by 2.  If this spell is used as a summoning spell, the number of fiendish beings that can come forth is half of the portal's size.  If a person or group of people use it to travel to another realm, their party size is equal to the caster's level + Intelligence Rating.

I have started working on 2 new projects- that are not related to the Tunnels & Trolls RPG- that can be found at: Quantum RPGS and a Penny for my Thoughts: Mental Monsters supplement.  These will be handled in daily posts and monthly edits as this one is being handled.  Please, do check these out this blog as much as possible as well.  And for the previous month's information, check out the Adamant Drakon Freelance Productions' website.

In 2012, I am going to do the Arborell Contest.  This is another type of contest that allows a participant to develop a short RPG.  I will do a new game based on the system that I am developing for the Quantum RPG( See this blog.).
The Folded Blade

Description: This short sword was, first, created by an Elven Blacksmith named Tiaryn Shandall. He saw the defects of the heavier weapons of his day and sought to correct them. This bladed weapon is lighter and stronger than other short swords, but is more expensive. Dexterity and Speed are, highly, important to use this weapon due to its light weight and movement capability.

Combat Adds: 3+ Speed
Strength/Dexterity Requirements: 7/12
Cost: 50
Weight: 25

The Folded Kinetic Blade

This is a specially designed Folded Blade designed from the Miar Yash Kial cometary fragments. The blade contains wispy filaments within it that originates from the brilliant golden astral jewel located between the hilt and blade. The power of this short sword that had been developed by Tiaryn Shandall comes from the energy that is created by the wielder.

Combat Adds: 1+( Speed+Wizardry)
Strength/Dexterity Requirements: 7/12
Cost: 75
Weight: 30
Wizardry Used: 1 per weapon useage

Thanagarr has borne many children of the Trollish Kindred, but has several half-troll offspring as well with many of the other Kindred.

His divine profile contains Trolls, Storms, Conflict, and Mountains. This means that he can call upon the strength of the forces of Storms to aid him against whatever foes that he is facing. As well as command the very materials of the highest peaks to surround him as armor and block most attacks from his foes. He and his children have known the ways of conflict in their long histories and have made it a way of life for themselves.

He appear upon the mortal plane as an eight and a half foot tall dark brown( almost black) skinned Troll with slimy and unkempt forest green hair and eyes. His weight is about two
hundred pounds. He appears more grotesque than any other of his sired Kindred do, because of his placement within the Troll religious beliefs, culture, and society.

Name: Medusa
Monster Rating: 50( Warriors only)
Special Note: When in a group of 5 or more, add +10 Monster Rating/5 Medusa.

Special Attacks:

Flesh to Stone- This attack can, only, affect the flesh of living creatures. Any other materials( Plant, Earth, Metals, Jewels, etc.) are unaffected by this attack. They have three methods of using this attack.

Putrefying Flesh- If you are bitten by a Medusa, your skin becomes awful to the taste of anything that attempts to eat or smell you in the future. This includes the medusa that had bitten you.

Spite 2: Putrefying Flesh( Bite) Spite 3: Flesh to Stone( Gaze)

Dietary Description: They are omnivorous in their diet, but are unable to be carnivorous and hunger to be able to do so. This is a curse that was laid upon them by Odin due to the unsanctioned laying of Loki with an elven woman named Medea. Medea and her resulting children were accursed with this affliction.

Appearance: Medusa are malnourished and are human-sized.

Special Armor: Unable to use manufactured armor, except for shields. Scaly Hide( +3 to armor).


Strength 16 Dexterity 18 Luck 14 Speed 16
Intelligence 6 Wizardry 3 Charisma 3 Constitution 10

Description: The reptilian creatures that have great speed, dexterity, and strength.They are known as the cursed Medusa, but they are not known to attack anything that does not go into their waters.

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The mutations from the Miar Yash Kial comet and its shards are becoming
more and more apparent that comes with the growing use and development of these
comet's fragments that has given this celestial time period its' name. These
mutations occur as third eyes, clawed hands, wings, tails, and other physical
mutations with various energy capabilities granted as well. It is, also, possible for
these mutations to be caused by the implanting of Miar Yash Kial (Or MYK) shards
into an individual's body. The advantages and disadvantages of these MYK
fragments are, currently, unknown. However from this single piece of astrological
anarchy, the Time of Rebirth has been made possible as has peace become hopeful
from the continuous wars that had once plagued the planet called Liasha.

There are four energy types of Miar Yash Kial comet shards. These are
electrical, fire, darkness, and light that can be used to create a myriad of arms and
armor. There are, also, two other types of these comet shards that enhance the
durability of these pieces of equipment. However, the last five types of MYK
shards appear to enhance the spiritual, physical, or mental capabilities of an
individual. In all, there are eleven different variations that can be used in any
number of alternatives for any given person. These shards of cosmic origin can be
molded by a blacksmith to utilizes these various types into a given construct form,
artifact, magical artifact, armors, shields, and weapons.

Each form of these comet shards (They are known as Miar Yash Kial. This
is due to the ancient Troll astrologer that had discovered the comet as before it
came crashing onto Liasha's World.) are pure silver and have own various sizes.
All of them have an internal flame that brightens and dims of its own volition and
are based on what type they are. These range from a brilliant yellow (for the
electrical energy form of the MYK Shard.) to altering hues for enhancements to
armor and arms. However, it is very rare to find a single shard piece that is larger
than a man's head.
The planet known as Liasha has, only, known tribal hostility through out its
entire life from the Primordial Age to these modern times. Those that, currently,
inhabit this world have begun to attempt to change their fate to call this
chronological period as the Time of Rebirth (Or ToR) circa 2511 Miar Yash Kial
(Or MYK) and peace is being brought through the rise of nature and religion, but
not all are happy to relinquish their hold across Liasha.

Miar Yash Kial (2500-2550) began with the crashing of a great comet from
the heavens that had broken into more than a million smaller pieces. These ranged
from the size of a child's hand to that of a giant's head. Each one was believed to
hold some unknown power of the heavens that has begun to be developed into
various new defensive and offensive pieces of equipment, but with these new
developments have brought about their own surprises.
“I’ve, always, been a bookworm and a gamer. I invented my first games at
the age of six when I turned Monopoly into an obstacle course race. As I grew up, I
customized lots of games into my own versions of things. For example, after
reading Chessmen of Mars, I built a Jetan set, but before I did that, I invented
Combat Chess(Combat Chess plays just like regular chess except that the attacking
piece gets to roll 3 six-sided dice and the defender rolls two six-sided dice
whenever one piece tries to take another. The high total wins, and the loser is
removed from the board. Special rules: doubles and triples add and roll over. In
order to checkmate the King, you have to actually take him--there's always a chance
that he may fight his way out of the trap. Try it--it's fun, and it changes chess
strategy a good deal.)." Spoken by Ken St. Andre on July 1997 from the Origins of
Tunnels & Trolls (Taken from

The Tunnels and Trolls role playing game is firmly set within a fantasy
setting where magic is a living and breathing entity (A place that is similar to J.R.R.
Tolkien's Middle Earth series entitled the Lord of the Rings and other written
works.) and has, practically, remained unchanged- unlike the Dungeons & Dragons
table top role playing game (It was released in 1975.).- From the latest version is
almost unchanged from the precursor game that was developed by Ken St. Andre
over 30 years ago. This has provided a world setting that contains a wide tunnel
complex that is, literally and liberally, strewn with many types of treasures that are
guarded by a variety of magic, monsters, and traps. The rules for this role playing
game accentuate its enjoyment, playability, and simplicity.

With more than one singular special feature (apart from the general ease of
play), it would more than likely not have made its mark in history and popularity. It
is as the author, Ken St. Andre, claims that it had been designed for himself, his
friends, and their personal entertainment. The hobby of role playing is gregarious(
with a single game master and one or more participants) due to various factors(
isolated geographical locations, lack of free time and/or transportation, work
schedules, and a lack of similarly mind people of the surrounding area.). These all
contrive to make it difficult for other games to be played, but the Tunnels & Trolls
role playing game places itself to work with these difficulties within its niche. This
niche being one of solitary role playing games or those that can be played with one
or two people.

The above named inventor of the game does not suffer fools gladly or
lightly- and the overall trends in pre-generated adventures (In particular, those of
solitary Dungeons.)- places a high premium on making the correct decisions( As
seen in "Choose Your own Adventure" books.) and an amount of good dice rolling
to survive them. Or generating new characters will be your frequent occurrence.
Tunnels & Trolls was, originally, marketed in two versions (based on the
1975 and 1979 editions) - the rulebook and a box set. The rulebook contained all
that was required for play, except for dice, imagination, paper, and pencils. The
other form (the box set) contains the rulebook, the Buffalo Castle booklet, a map, a
legend, room descriptions for the "game master," a scenario for novice level 1
players called Dungeon of the Bear, and six pre-generated characters.

No quippy title

The action of a Tunnels & Trolls' game- or of any other table top role
playing game- takes place within the very imaginations of its players and of their
game masters. These people take on two different roles that are dependant upon
which side of the "screen" that they are on. The players can be considered as the
actors of a movie or television episode, the people within a novel, or the characters
within a comic book/graphic novel. While the game master (also referred to as the
GM) acts as the director, playwright, artist, and writer within this gaming genre.

The rules that are suggested for the GM and the players to follow take an approach
within the game that is similar to a script for a comedy movie or television- where
the people involved are allowed to ad lib and to use them as necessary.

As stated above the hobby that is known as table top role playing game can
be considered as a form of structured( No matter how lenient the rules are.)
storytelling that has two types of participants that allow for the progress of the story
to be improvised( Think of the television show known as Whose Line is it
Anyways as an example. Where the acting comedians develop a wide array of
scenarios based on very simple details and explanations giving by their host.
Unquantifiable "points" are handed out by the host to the "winner" of the stated
scenario.). However instead of complete improvisation, there are a myriad of rule
systems and randomizers- Such as coins, dice, etc. These are just the basics of the
hobby, but the more experienced members (Known as Role Players) comprehend
that there is more to it than this.

In fact, the most well-known of these games (Dungeons and
Dragons created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson) allows players- One of the
groups of participants required to play a table top role playing game- to imbue
themselves within richly detailed adventurous stories that, for a period of time,
removes them from the real world and all of their problems within it. It transports
them to another world that is full of villainous inhabitants and where magic and
peril are truly breathing entities. It is, also, a chance for close comrades to bond
over a unique environment that the game master- The second person required for
this hobby- has set up for them to become their own imagined heroes.
This is a specialist hobby- That has been, recently, made more available due
to book stores carrying the most popular gaming systems and the availability of
.PDF files made available by publishers online- can be a world of enjoyment that
can open up any door that you can imagine. These games help to improve math and
literacy by having a fantastic time.

It is not every person that can depart from their location- or their reality- for
anything that is greater than them. It is these normal citizens that survive by living
near to where they must live, pursue distinguishing talents and hobbies, bear and
support growing families, and to maintain the thriving network of their culture,
economy, and society. It is these things that drive the casual person that seeks
nothing more from life, but there are those that desire to witness more than this. It
is to these adventurous souls that keep the table top role playing game hobby alive.
Role playing is similar to when you were a child and participated in makebelieve
games- like cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians- but it has changed a lot
since that time of your life. It has been able to mature and develop in the hobby
that we- that is you and I- can, now, participate within. Every participant takes on
the role of an imaginary character (of science-fiction, fantasy, modern, or historical
genres) and are the heroes of the tales that they create as a group. It is one member
of this group that acts a Game Master as the others join in as Player Characters.
Everyone takes a very active role within the events of the developing adventure as
they plot against the Game Master- and vice versa- to survive the dangers of their
imagined world.

In the hobby of table top role playing games, there are many methods to act
as the game master and the player with or without a strict set of rule systems. The
method does not matter as long as the story allows you, as the player, to become a
greater image of humanity within any false reality that has been developed by game
master (or the gm). The “screen” that seperates each side can, also, be considered
as a partition between the imagination and reality as the rules meet entertainment
for both parties. This hobby has matured from what Make-Believe had been for us
as children.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Stylish blogger award

We'll here's a nice surprise. Scott M., over at the 
awesome Trollish Delver, has seen fit to award me 
the Stylish Blogger Award, which is awful nice of 
the chap. So thanks, Scott. - everyone should go 
visit his site.

The award comes along with a few fun rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person giving 
you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself
3. Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

Seven things about myself:

1. I enjoy reading various types of books.
2. Amateur Time:  Freelancing, Gaming, Sculpting, and Drawing.
3. Dislike: Radishes and Beets.
4. My most favorite band is: Lords of Acid.
5. My favourite TV series of all time is Star Trek.
6. Away from the blog: I am a Dishtanker at Bob Evans and a
freelance journalist( My work can be found at 
Adamant Drakon Freelance Productions.).
7. The first movie my girlfriend and I watched together was the 
highly romantic: I am single.

Blogs deserving of the award:

1. Willfully and Persistently - Always a great commenter and a 
wonderful Tunnels and Trolls blogger with some nifty 
campaign ideas.  And about her life.
2. The Lone Delver - In depth analysis of Tunnels and Trolls and a joy to read. Also a writer of fantastic T&T solos.
3. Trollhammer Press - Writer of fantastic solos, creator of interesting creatures and fellow metal head.
4. Lloyd of Gamebooks - One of the best gamebook bloggers around and a really nice guy to boot.
5. Atroll's Entertainment - Ken St Andre's blog which is chock full of cool things, both gaming related and not.
6. Logan's Voyage - A grand European journey is detailed within this blog.  A good RP'ing resource and glimpse into their lives.
7. Insecure Delusions - Jerrytel is a cool guy and an asset to T&T.
8. The Trollish Delver - Excellent gaming reviews and design work. A great resource for all roleplayers.

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New Site

Please, visit my new site( Adamant Drakon Freelance Productions) to see my current projects and other details. This is where the latest pdfs can be found for Liasha's World.