Monday, May 9, 2011

 think that a wizard that can cast cast 14th+ level spells- This should be a final enemy in the current story arc allow pre-existing characters of Tunnels & Trolls RPG games to be transported onto Liasha's World via a dimensional portal( Or whatever the game master decides to do.).- should be within the dark and forgotten depths of the Temple of Krestok( That is located near Tiern.).  His/her foul scheme is to be handled at the GM's discretion and whim, but the spell should be create an opening to a demonic realm...  At least, that is what this magic user desires.  The characters should arrive just as he/she is concluding the spell and( This is my suggestion.) should be able to disrupt the final words of magic that would tell the portal where to open up in.  So, this portal will open up somewhere upon this Tunnels & Trolls world setting and this is at your GM's discretion as well.

Name: Go to ( Realm Name)...
Level: 14+( Decided by the Game Master)
Wizardry Cost: 20+ See Below
Range: 20 feet
Duration: See Below
Power Up?: Yes.  See Below

Description:  This spell acts as the Summoning and Banishment spells.  One of the main differences to this magical working is that the caster is able to decide upon which realm that their rift opens upon.  The second is that the caster or chosen demonic entity( or another individual) may enter or exit into this portal.  Other than being able to control a demon that has been summoned forth from this portal must be bribed to act upon the wishes of the wizard.  However if the wizard( or another individual or a group) passes through the portal, they act as a guest and can seek help from one or more individuals from the chosen realm( Diplomacy must be used.  However, this can open up new possibilities for enhanced adventures.).

The casting cost to use this spell, as a summoning spell, is an amount of Wizardry equal to 50+(20 times the level of the fiendish creature or creatures desired.).  If it is to be used as a gateway onto another realm, the cost of Wizardry is equal to 25+[10 times the distance of the realm from that of the caster's home plane( Decided on by the GM.)].

The duration of this spell is 5 times the caster’s Luck rating for the summoning portion of this spell.  To act as a means of dimensional travel; then, the duration is 10+Luck rating[10 times the distance of the realm from that of the caster's home plane( Decided on by the GM.)].  When this time comes to an end, this portal closes and leaves those that have departed from it within their new realm of existance.  However, if they are a part of the way through, their physical forms are split between both worlds.

The size( The doorway to another plane is a circle.  All calculations for size must be done as such.) for the dimensional portal is equal to the wizard's Level + Intelligence Rating divided by 2.  If this spell is used as a summoning spell, the number of fiendish beings that can come forth is half of the portal's size.  If a person or group of people use it to travel to another realm, their party size is equal to the caster's level + Intelligence Rating.

I have started working on 2 new projects- that are not related to the Tunnels & Trolls RPG- that can be found at: Quantum RPGS and a Penny for my Thoughts: Mental Monsters supplement.  These will be handled in daily posts and monthly edits as this one is being handled.  Please, do check these out this blog as much as possible as well.  And for the previous month's information, check out the Adamant Drakon Freelance Productions' website.

In 2012, I am going to do the Arborell Contest.  This is another type of contest that allows a participant to develop a short RPG.  I will do a new game based on the system that I am developing for the Quantum RPG( See this blog.).

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