Monday, May 9, 2011

The mutations from the Miar Yash Kial comet and its shards are becoming
more and more apparent that comes with the growing use and development of these
comet's fragments that has given this celestial time period its' name. These
mutations occur as third eyes, clawed hands, wings, tails, and other physical
mutations with various energy capabilities granted as well. It is, also, possible for
these mutations to be caused by the implanting of Miar Yash Kial (Or MYK) shards
into an individual's body. The advantages and disadvantages of these MYK
fragments are, currently, unknown. However from this single piece of astrological
anarchy, the Time of Rebirth has been made possible as has peace become hopeful
from the continuous wars that had once plagued the planet called Liasha.

There are four energy types of Miar Yash Kial comet shards. These are
electrical, fire, darkness, and light that can be used to create a myriad of arms and
armor. There are, also, two other types of these comet shards that enhance the
durability of these pieces of equipment. However, the last five types of MYK
shards appear to enhance the spiritual, physical, or mental capabilities of an
individual. In all, there are eleven different variations that can be used in any
number of alternatives for any given person. These shards of cosmic origin can be
molded by a blacksmith to utilizes these various types into a given construct form,
artifact, magical artifact, armors, shields, and weapons.

Each form of these comet shards (They are known as Miar Yash Kial. This
is due to the ancient Troll astrologer that had discovered the comet as before it
came crashing onto Liasha's World.) are pure silver and have own various sizes.
All of them have an internal flame that brightens and dims of its own volition and
are based on what type they are. These range from a brilliant yellow (for the
electrical energy form of the MYK Shard.) to altering hues for enhancements to
armor and arms. However, it is very rare to find a single shard piece that is larger
than a man's head.

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