Monday, May 9, 2011

The planet known as Liasha has, only, known tribal hostility through out its
entire life from the Primordial Age to these modern times. Those that, currently,
inhabit this world have begun to attempt to change their fate to call this
chronological period as the Time of Rebirth (Or ToR) circa 2511 Miar Yash Kial
(Or MYK) and peace is being brought through the rise of nature and religion, but
not all are happy to relinquish their hold across Liasha.

Miar Yash Kial (2500-2550) began with the crashing of a great comet from
the heavens that had broken into more than a million smaller pieces. These ranged
from the size of a child's hand to that of a giant's head. Each one was believed to
hold some unknown power of the heavens that has begun to be developed into
various new defensive and offensive pieces of equipment, but with these new
developments have brought about their own surprises.

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