Monday, May 9, 2011

The Folded Blade

Description: This short sword was, first, created by an Elven Blacksmith named Tiaryn Shandall. He saw the defects of the heavier weapons of his day and sought to correct them. This bladed weapon is lighter and stronger than other short swords, but is more expensive. Dexterity and Speed are, highly, important to use this weapon due to its light weight and movement capability.

Combat Adds: 3+ Speed
Strength/Dexterity Requirements: 7/12
Cost: 50
Weight: 25

The Folded Kinetic Blade

This is a specially designed Folded Blade designed from the Miar Yash Kial cometary fragments. The blade contains wispy filaments within it that originates from the brilliant golden astral jewel located between the hilt and blade. The power of this short sword that had been developed by Tiaryn Shandall comes from the energy that is created by the wielder.

Combat Adds: 1+( Speed+Wizardry)
Strength/Dexterity Requirements: 7/12
Cost: 75
Weight: 30
Wizardry Used: 1 per weapon useage

Thanagarr has borne many children of the Trollish Kindred, but has several half-troll offspring as well with many of the other Kindred.

His divine profile contains Trolls, Storms, Conflict, and Mountains. This means that he can call upon the strength of the forces of Storms to aid him against whatever foes that he is facing. As well as command the very materials of the highest peaks to surround him as armor and block most attacks from his foes. He and his children have known the ways of conflict in their long histories and have made it a way of life for themselves.

He appear upon the mortal plane as an eight and a half foot tall dark brown( almost black) skinned Troll with slimy and unkempt forest green hair and eyes. His weight is about two
hundred pounds. He appears more grotesque than any other of his sired Kindred do, because of his placement within the Troll religious beliefs, culture, and society.

Name: Medusa
Monster Rating: 50( Warriors only)
Special Note: When in a group of 5 or more, add +10 Monster Rating/5 Medusa.

Special Attacks:

Flesh to Stone- This attack can, only, affect the flesh of living creatures. Any other materials( Plant, Earth, Metals, Jewels, etc.) are unaffected by this attack. They have three methods of using this attack.

Putrefying Flesh- If you are bitten by a Medusa, your skin becomes awful to the taste of anything that attempts to eat or smell you in the future. This includes the medusa that had bitten you.

Spite 2: Putrefying Flesh( Bite) Spite 3: Flesh to Stone( Gaze)

Dietary Description: They are omnivorous in their diet, but are unable to be carnivorous and hunger to be able to do so. This is a curse that was laid upon them by Odin due to the unsanctioned laying of Loki with an elven woman named Medea. Medea and her resulting children were accursed with this affliction.

Appearance: Medusa are malnourished and are human-sized.

Special Armor: Unable to use manufactured armor, except for shields. Scaly Hide( +3 to armor).


Strength 16 Dexterity 18 Luck 14 Speed 16
Intelligence 6 Wizardry 3 Charisma 3 Constitution 10

Description: The reptilian creatures that have great speed, dexterity, and strength.They are known as the cursed Medusa, but they are not known to attack anything that does not go into their waters.

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