Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SBA Contest( Second Posting)

I have decided to run my first contest based on the Stylish Blogger Awards.  I would like to have 20 of these awards by the end of May 2011.  However, I do not want you to just give me these for the reward that I am offering.  You must feel that I do deserve this award, because it will mean very little if you did not think that I deserved.  And there MUST NOT be any DUPLICATE entries for any of these that occur do not count toward the total 20 that I am asking for.

The 1st( Trollish Delver), 2nd( Slloyd), and 20th( To Be Announced) people that gave me these awards will recieve the prize- which is the same for all 3 of you.  The prize is a 1 page description of a single Tunnels & Trolls Player Character that is open for whatever purpose that you deem necessary.  This player character can be from the 7.5 edition rules or based on the most current details for Liasha's World.  This determination is up to the winners and the prize will be rewarded on the final day of May 2011.

Then, I will have these 3 descriptions placed within the winners' e-mail and onto this blog within 2 weeks of this contest's deadline.  Good luck to everyone and feel free to comment on here about anything!

Note: I will give all 20 participants confirmation on here and will return the favor in kind.

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