Monday, May 9, 2011

“I’ve, always, been a bookworm and a gamer. I invented my first games at
the age of six when I turned Monopoly into an obstacle course race. As I grew up, I
customized lots of games into my own versions of things. For example, after
reading Chessmen of Mars, I built a Jetan set, but before I did that, I invented
Combat Chess(Combat Chess plays just like regular chess except that the attacking
piece gets to roll 3 six-sided dice and the defender rolls two six-sided dice
whenever one piece tries to take another. The high total wins, and the loser is
removed from the board. Special rules: doubles and triples add and roll over. In
order to checkmate the King, you have to actually take him--there's always a chance
that he may fight his way out of the trap. Try it--it's fun, and it changes chess
strategy a good deal.)." Spoken by Ken St. Andre on July 1997 from the Origins of
Tunnels & Trolls (Taken from

The Tunnels and Trolls role playing game is firmly set within a fantasy
setting where magic is a living and breathing entity (A place that is similar to J.R.R.
Tolkien's Middle Earth series entitled the Lord of the Rings and other written
works.) and has, practically, remained unchanged- unlike the Dungeons & Dragons
table top role playing game (It was released in 1975.).- From the latest version is
almost unchanged from the precursor game that was developed by Ken St. Andre
over 30 years ago. This has provided a world setting that contains a wide tunnel
complex that is, literally and liberally, strewn with many types of treasures that are
guarded by a variety of magic, monsters, and traps. The rules for this role playing
game accentuate its enjoyment, playability, and simplicity.

With more than one singular special feature (apart from the general ease of
play), it would more than likely not have made its mark in history and popularity. It
is as the author, Ken St. Andre, claims that it had been designed for himself, his
friends, and their personal entertainment. The hobby of role playing is gregarious(
with a single game master and one or more participants) due to various factors(
isolated geographical locations, lack of free time and/or transportation, work
schedules, and a lack of similarly mind people of the surrounding area.). These all
contrive to make it difficult for other games to be played, but the Tunnels & Trolls
role playing game places itself to work with these difficulties within its niche. This
niche being one of solitary role playing games or those that can be played with one
or two people.

The above named inventor of the game does not suffer fools gladly or
lightly- and the overall trends in pre-generated adventures (In particular, those of
solitary Dungeons.)- places a high premium on making the correct decisions( As
seen in "Choose Your own Adventure" books.) and an amount of good dice rolling
to survive them. Or generating new characters will be your frequent occurrence.
Tunnels & Trolls was, originally, marketed in two versions (based on the
1975 and 1979 editions) - the rulebook and a box set. The rulebook contained all
that was required for play, except for dice, imagination, paper, and pencils. The
other form (the box set) contains the rulebook, the Buffalo Castle booklet, a map, a
legend, room descriptions for the "game master," a scenario for novice level 1
players called Dungeon of the Bear, and six pre-generated characters.

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